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The Best Choice for D-I-Y Projects and Renovations

Where other flooring like carpet and hardwood aren’t options, vinyl plank to the rescue! It’s moisture resistant, super easy to install, and durable. Not to mention that it’s soft, quiet, and warm. Are you in love yet?

Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) or Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is even a good rental reno idea. Sick of the boring, old flooring in your bathroom? Put in some vinyl plank. When you install it with releasable adhesive, you can easily replace a damaged board.



Vinyl plank / tile is very simple to install. So if you’re into D-I-Y, ask our Flooring Consultants to help you choose the best type of vinyl plank or tile for your home. If you’re not confident installing your flooring, we can do it for you!

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Before the Installation Crew Arrives:

Carpet Superstores

clearing the room

Take all the furnishings out of the area

Carpet Superstores

removing the doors and trim

Doors and trim need to be off

Carpet Superstores

smooth & clean

Make sure that your subfloor is absolutely smooth and clean. A self-levelling compound can even out any cracks, hollows, or bumps

After Installation:

Make sure to give your floors a good wipe down, then you can start enjoying your luxury vinyl flooring!

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