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Beautiful Hardwood for Almost Any Room

Hardwood is a fantastic flooring option for almost any room in your home. The trick is to install the type of hardwood with the right construction, texture, and finish for the room you want it in.

You now have more reasons than ever to install beautiful hardwood floors in one of the many varieties of woods and stains. Not only can it last as long as your home; it will also increase its value!

Remember, wood is an organic material that naturally wants to absorb moisture, and there may be additional considerations for hardwood installation in kitchens, bathrooms, or basements. Our Flooring Consultants are happy to help you with your selection process.

If you’re not confident installing a hardwood floor, we can do it for you!


Carpet Superstores | Hardwood Flooring

repair FloOring

Ensure that your subfloor is ready for the new flooring (any repairs have been done)

Carpet Superstores | Hardwood Flooring

clearing the room

Take all furnishings out of the room(s)

Carpet Superstores | Hardwood Flooring

removing the doors and baseboards

Take off the baseboards and doors

Carpet Superstores | Hardwood Flooring


Clean your old flooring to minimize airborne dust and particles

Also, try to be around when the installers are scheduled to come, so you can help them set up.

After installation, you may want to give your new floor a vacuum and a light Swiffer. After that, you can start enjoying your hardwood flooring!

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