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Low Maintenance Flooring for Active Households

All it takes is regular sweeping or vacuuming and occasional spot-cleaning with a lightly-damp cloth for spills. Ask our Flooring Consultants about the laminate-specific cleaning products we carry in-store.

  • Make Your Floor Last

    Carpet Superstores | Laminate

    Less is more:

    1. Never mop or flood your floor.
    2. Don’t use oil soaps, wax products, or products that contain lemon oil, tung oil, bleach, polishes or ammonia.
    3. Avoid scouring products, steel wool, and other abrasives.
    4. Prevent scuffs with felt pads on furniture bottoms.
    5. Keep pet nails trimmed.
    6. Do not wear high heels, spiked, or damaged footwear on the floor.

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