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Careful and Precise Installation

Linoleum Sheet flooring is a popular choice. It’s versatile, stands up to wear, resists water, and comes in a seemingly unlimited number of colours and patterns.

We have thousands of square feet of linoleum in stock, so you can roll out a room-sized piece on the warehouse floor to see what the pattern will look like in your home (all you have to do is imagine your furniture!).

Installing linoleum sheet is relatively simple, but requires care and precision. You’re not going for speed! If you’re a beginner D-I-Yer (Find Your D-I-Y Skill Level ), leave installation to us.

Either way, here are a few things to do before installation:

Carpet Superstores

Out of the room

Move everything out of the room
Carpet Superstores


Ensure that your subfloor is perfectly smooth. You may have to use a self-levelling compound.
Carpet Superstores

cleaning the floor

Minimize dust and flying particles by cleaning the floor

Carpet Superstores

doors and trim

Take off the doors and trim

Try to be around to help the installers set up.

After installation, stay off your floors for a few hours and wait 24 hours for the adhesive time to dry and bond. Then carefully roll or slide your furniture and appliances back into place with furniture sliders and enjoy!

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