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Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Beautiful

Care and maintenance of your hardwood floor depends on how your floors are finished. Each manufacturer provides brochures and online guides that are specific to its brand and finish.

Generally daily cleaning only requires a dry sweep or vacuum. Some people prefer to use a hardwood-specific vacuum that has the same design and power as a regular vacuum, but weighs much less and has control settings and features for cleaning wood.

  • Guide to Happy Hardwood

    Carpet Superstores | Hardwood Flooring
    Here are a few general rules to keep your hardwood in great condition:

    1. Keep water off the floor: never mop or flood.
    2. Avoid using oil soaps, or anything containing lemon oil, waxes, Tung oil, polishes or ammonia or bleach.
    3. Steel wool, scouring pads, and other abrasives will damage the floor.
    4. Felt pads on furniture feet can prevent scuffs.
    5. Keep pet nails short.
    6. Don’t wear spiked heels or damaged shoes on the floor.

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