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Snap & Click Installation is Great for D-I-Y

At Flooring Superstores, we carry a wide range of laminate products that give you the look of wood for less—and their snap-and-click installation makes for a quick and easy new flooring project.

There are countless tutorials for the avid D-I-Yer along with detailed manufacturer brochures that will help you with your laminate installation. Or you can leave installation to us!

If we’re taking care of installation, our installers will come take a measure of your areas. There are a few things you can do to prepare:

Carpet Superstores | Laminate

clearing the room

Remove all furniture, art, linens, trinkets, clothing etc. from the room
Carpet Superstores | Laminate

remove doors and trim

(Doors may need to be resized by a carpenter if your new carpet has a higher pile than the previous flooring)

Carpet Superstores | Laminate


Vacuum to reduce airborne particles and dirt

Carpet Superstores | Laminate

Remove flooring

Remove existing flooring

It’s a good idea to be on hand when the installers arrive so you can help them set up. After the install, you may want to give your new laminate a vacuum and damp Swiffer. You’ll find that maintenance is a breeze.

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