Make Your Carpet Last

Preventative maintenance is the name of the game with carpet care. It’s easy and inexpensive to spot clean and vacuum frequently.

Here are a few special solutions for common carpet problems:


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    Use fingernail scissors to remove the burnt fibers. A patch (or even replacement) may be needed for an extensive burn.
  • Sprouts, Tufts, and Snags

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    Some fiber or “tuft” loss is considered normal, but whatever you do, don’t pull. Sprouts, tufts, and snags can all be easily removed with a normal pair of scissors.

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    Fix dents or compression marks from heavy objects by gently moistening with an ice cube (or water mist) and stroking with a coin.

    A professional carpet cleaner can steam them out as well.
  • Spills

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    For the occasional spill, Kraus has a handy Spot Removal Guide that you can print out for quick reference.

    Like Kraus, manufacturers provide fiber or brand-specific care guides that you can download from their websites, so check those out for hints and tips for getting the most out of your new flooring.


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